We did it...

I want to thank the voters of  Northampton County for giving me a tremendous, UNPRECEDENTED number of  votes and  victory in the race for Judge. 75% of the folks who went to  vote actually voted for me. Democrats, Republicans and Independents  throughout Northampton County gave me a vote of confidence. This  represents broad and deep support for the job I have done as DA and I  promise not to let you down as Judge! I have always tried to make  decisions that are fair and consistent with the law and protecting our  community. I promise to do the same as Judge.


I also want to  congratulate all others who were successful especially my First Deputy  DA, Terry Houck, who was elected DA, and Abe Kassis who was also elected  Judge. Both of these men have worked closely with me in the DA's office  and I am happy for them and their families.